3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Grade A Office at GIA Tower

Sovanda CHHOUR

Leasing an office space is quite a challenge in a city like Phnom Penh. You need to take a bunch of aspects into consideration. Office location, for instance, is one of the main challenges for office workers in Phnom Penh since the traffic is jam-packed perpetually. Aside from location, the price is also a top priority. The truth is nobody wants to lease a grade A office in a perfect location with a pricey rental fee. Additionally, customer service is also something you may not want to overlook. That is why a space management company like SpaciaNet comes into play. Operated in the kingdom for over 2 years, we are well-known for putting our customers first. In this blog, we will recommend a grade A office space that stands tall in the center of Phnom Penh city, known as GIA Tower.

GIA Tower is your solution!

Garden In the Air Tower (short for GIA tower) is a 43-storey building built to cater to the demand for offices here in Phnom Penh City. This 43-storey building functions as offices, shop houses, and conference rooms. This tower is one of the most advanced buildings that concentrate on the concept of the environmental ecosystem by integrating the interior design with 3 elements of nature: water, sky, and plants.  Thus, you will find yourself passing by a great waterfall within this tower along with plants attached to the wall. Sounds mesmerizing, isn’t it? On top of that, The Garden in the Air Tower links to the 7 mezzanine floor of Diamond Twin Tower, which offers high-end facilities including fitness center, restaurant, wave pool, swimming pool, and gym. 

Potential Location:

Renting a grade A office in GIA will make your work life easier not only commuting to work but taking a stroll after work as well. If you ever need to purchase cloth, cosmetic products, or buy groceries, you will have to travel only 1.0km, approximately, less than 5 minutes to AEON Mall 1. If you want to take a boat ride in front of Royal Palace or stroll near the riverside, you will arrive at your destination in less than 5 minutes. What’s more? If you want to rent a condo room next to your office space, you can find multiple condo units that fit your preference. SpaciaNet will be your intermediary to assist you looking for a condo room that fits your needs.

Best management service in the city:

With over 5 years of working in the Minpaku industry in Japan and over 2 years of managing real estate in Cambodia, we can guarantee that the rental fee of $20.00/m2 is worthwhile for you. With the mindset of ‘Never let our customer wait’, we ensure that you will not be disappointed with our management service. Read more about us here

Facility like no other:

With Grade A classification, GIA Office Tower delivers a high-quality business space that is fully enveloped with high performance glass curtain walls. Facilities included:

    • Air conditioning: centralized chiller with AHU & VAV System 
    • Service Elevators: 12 passengers elevators and one service elevator. 
    • Emergency Power: power will be supplied automatically through generator sets. 
    • Toilet: Separate male and female toilets with garden design and automate sensor tools.
    • Parking space operated for 24 hours in a week
    • More..

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