How Can Property Owners Overcome Challenges With Management System


Many hosts make the mistake of expecting that simply listing their properties on OTAs will result in a rush of bookings. What they don’t realize is that without a PMS ( property management system) or a channel manager, you wind up not just wasting money but also wasting a lot of manpower on a work that could simply be automated.

Here’s what you’d do if you didn’t have a connection between your listing to any system. To track your booking data, you are probably using an excel file. You update your excel sheet whenever you receive a booking. Then you log into an OTA and go there to update your listing information. That is, you log in and out of several OTAs on a regular basis, adjusting calendar and pricing.

It’s highly time-consuming, and you can’t overlook the fact that there’s a lot of room for mistakes or neglect. There’s a good chance you’ll be overbooked or double booked. And you don’t want that to happen. This will no longer be an issue if you invest in a PMS and combine it with channel management. Everything is automated and in real time. In other words, the channel manager serves as a link between the OTAs and the PMS, automatically updating calendar and prices to and from both in real time. As a result, the effort to distribute rates and property information, as well as the potential for zero error.

To help you construct a profitable, long-term business for your property, you’ll need efficient technology. This is the great time to start in a cloud PMS if your hotel doesn’t already have one. SpaciaNet is pleased to announce the listings management system with A-Z services, multi language, and flexible rate!

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