Different Types of Office Space


Just because the space is called the office, doesn’t make it all the same- that is why a general classification system is used to categorize them by the facilities of the building and offering of the space which based on evaluation regard ages, amenities, and general infrastructure.

There are three specific classifications for an office space.


In the market, office A is the best quality office space. Generally speaking, it is classified as office-grade A because it is newly constructed and has been filled with top-of-the-line features, amenities, and technological structure. It commands the highest rent because the premier space is super competitive. This office type is mostly attracted among high-profile, formal professional companies, such as law firms or is financial companies. Office grade A is mainly located in a core central business district (CBD).  The office also has a green certification which shows the office operates in a more sustainable compare to other types of office. Grade A office usually has a large space with a minimum floor-late of 1,000SQM and about 2.7m height between floor and ceiling. Moreover, the amenities of this typical building are a large central lobby, a space structure with a high ceiling, and high quality of security and safety such as emergency backup power, fire safety system with strict international code. 


Class B is still a decent space with less high-quality features, design details than the class A office, but it is still a nice office with fully functional facilities. It is usually an average to above-average rent in the market. The office is mostly located in the suburbs or on the edge of a large financial district. To make it even easy to understand is that office Grade B is usually is a building that is slightly older than a class A building with some deterioration. Based on the classification, this office type is usually a space that is a minimum floor-late of 500SQM with a height of 2.5m from floor to ceiling. there is also a good compliance building standard with a bit outdated compare to office A.


This type of office space is usually downgraded from Office grade B, where there are modern facilities which offices unable to be upgraded. This type of office is located in slightly less desirable areas of cities, with rent that is usually set below the market price. They tend to attract small, start-up businesses that cannot afford nicer spaces or that do not need their office to be located in centralized areas. It helps the business to focus on the growth of their financial resources while operating in minimal amenities and roof over it. Moreover, office-grade C is usually small with any set of size from 10SQM, with a bare to solid ceiling with limited Security.

The class of the office is of course not an exact science, there’s different into it as we all live in a developing world which thing is constantly changing, from the real estate market to the upgrade of the amenities by the building. Something to bear in mind is that the office Grade A today might not be it in the future.

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