Cambodia Hotels : To OTAs or Not OTAs?


Online travel agencies are becoming more prevalent in the travel industry. They are one of the most important distribution channels for hotels to market and sell rooms through the night. Yet, there are still some questions that hotel owners in Cambodia are still concerned with.

We are hearing a variety of perspectives from hosts about why they are not using OTAs:

  • The process is very complicated and the system is hard to understand
  • I do not have time to manage the listings on those platforms
  • I have a language barrier to host foreign clients
  • I received bad reviews because there is no supporting team in any emergency case

However, OTAs can provide a simple and convenient way for hotels to increase bookings during the slow season especially if your hotel is targeting international travel. In this matter, Hotels in Cambodia should host their property on any well-known OTAs worldwide in order to increase their revenue and credibility.
To solve the common problems that most of the hosts had encountered, we would introduce hosts to using property management companies or listing management services. The advantage is that they have deep integration with a variety of OTA’s means that you can turn on your properties, and your pictures, rates, and calendars will be automatically updated on these sites. Furthermore, they specialize in providing customer support for foreigners as they are supporting mail response and call pick up 24 hours a day in a variety choice of languages. To make it easy for guest communication and maximize hosts’ revenue with a highly robust and customizable management system.

SpaciaNet is the service provider for this support with the case study of experiencing supporting hosts in Japan for more than 5 years and had brought this service to properties and hosts in Cambodia aiming to develop the PropTech conception in Cambodia.

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